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Shakespeare in five languages
That’s what an audience of students, parents and also just theater interested people where able to enjoy in our school auditorium on Friday 7th July 2017. Within the framework of an Integrationtheaterproject "Sanssouci avec Shakespeare" students from the University of Potsdam and migrants from 9 different countries performed the famous Shakespeare play with the title "Der Sturm - The Tempest"

The department Studiumplus-Kompetenzen of  the University of Potsdam produced this interpretation of the world-famous romantic comedy “The Tempest“ with a cast of student and migrants who then performed the play in German, English, Turkish, Persian and Arabic.

According to PD Dr. Ljuba Kirjuchina who initiated the whole project, theater creates integration, the students as well as the migrants learn to recognise and accept cultural differences. They experience, that the foreign belongs to the shaping of one’s own identity.

The preparations under Kaspar von Erffa who directed the play ran since last fall and contain a multilingual script on the base of Shakespeare’s original text. Additional support was provided by decorator Manuela Motter from Berlin and musician Christian Deichstetter. The story told, is about King Alonso (Pooya), whose ship steers into heavy storm and then strands on a small island in the Mediterranean sea. On this island the sourcerer Prospero (Orhan Özgul) and his two ghosts Ariel (Lisa Marie Reimer) and Arabiel (Ahmad Jati) reign. Prospero too once was a duke until his dukedom was stolen by Alonso. Prospero then had to flee with his three year old daughter Miranda (Samira Mami). Now Alonso is to pay for his crime. But then Prospero’s daughter falls in love with Ferdinand (Hussin Sabbagh), Alonso’s son...

Although it seemed a difficult task to master, I was really surprised of how well the team made the multilingual aspect work. With the help of a plot sheet for everybody watching and the universal language of theater it was all understandable. In contast to my expectations the exotic sounds of Arabic, Turkish and Persian language made the audience listen even more closely. Especially the actors performing the roles of Prosperos (Orhan Özgul), and Stephano (Abdulhamid Kouko) deserve an extra appreciation for their lingustic skills switching from German to Arabic to English without corners and edges.


How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world!, that has such people in’t!

A quote taken right from the play, which expresses my opinion on  the whole team of "The Tempest- Der Sturm" very well and shows, once again how new and maybe unknown things in Shakespeare’s as well as in our time seem to be an enrichment in every aspect.  (Jasmin Neves, grade 11)