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Denkwürdiger Theaterbesuch - My Sister Syria
Die Wirren und Brutalität des syrischen Bürgerkriegs werden fast täglich in den Nachrichten und Medien thematisiert. Im November 2017 wurde in Berlin die dramatische Dokumentation "My Sister Syria" aufgeführt. Die 11. Jahrgangsstufe des Evangelischen Domgymnasium hat die eindrückliche Inszenierung der American Drama Group Europe besucht.

My Sister Syria

On the 22nd of November year 11 went to Berlin to visit a theatre production of the American Drama Group Europe (ADGE) called “My Sister Syria”. It was a small theatre company and the actors had only few props. There were no more than five actors for more than fifteen roles. It was a really interesting show with many dialogues in English and also in Arabic. And even though the scenery was so scarce, the foreign sounds of Arabic and Syrian music as well as costumes helped to create an authentic atmosphere of a country in war.

The story is about a woman who is an activist and who experiences the kidnapping of her Syrian friend Razan while skyping with her. After this incident Rachel flies to Syria hoping to save her friend, but she is too late. On her way back to England she smuggles a boy to Germany. Because the mother of this boy - a famous female Syrian general – knows that there is no chance for her to leave the country, she wants her son to be safe at least.

After the show some students got into a discussion with the ADGE’s tour guide.
Our Syrian classmates noticed that not all the actors who had spoken Arabic on stage, were native speakers of Arabic and explained how they could tell.
We also learned that Rachel, the main character, is a fictitious person, but Razan is an authentic person. Razan Zaitouneh is a Syrian lawyer and has been kidnapped on the 9th of December 2013. The story and the show was created as a memorial for her. Because there is no information about her whereabouts, people must fear that she might not be alive anymore. (Jessica Schumann, year 11)